Belgian Warmblood Breeding Association: North American District

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Happy 25th Anniversary BWP/NAD! The North American District was presented an award during the Belgian Stallion Show in January, 2012 in recognition and honor of the 25 years of the BWP North America District. Through dedication, hard work, and strong breeding practices, BWP/NAD has grown to be one of the strongest breed registries in North America. Congratulations to all our Belgian Warmblood Breeders and Members!


The first stallion approved in North America was “Baron Von Rothschld” aka “Branco” (Rothschild x Amor), an imported Dutch-bred stallion, who was eventually purchased by one of the foundation BWP/NAD breeders, Allyn & Fletcher McCracken of Bannockburn Farm.

The Registry began with 8 approved stallions and has since grown to over 70 National & International performance stallions. “Jadalco” (Fabio x Landgraf) owned by Jenny McLaughlin was the first “Elite” Stallion awarded in the US. There are now and impressive 17 “Elite” Stallions and 14 “Elite” Mares owned by BWP/NAD Breeders. Some of the original BWP/NAD Breeders that continue to breed high quality BWP horses today include Laura Trumbower or Emerald Spring Farm, The Rice Family of Ashknoll Farm, Dr. Linda Bobrik of Bobburk Farm and Allyn & Fletcher McCracken of Bannockburn Farm.


The Belgian Warmblood Association, North American District, was established in 1987 as a non-profit organization. It was formed by a group of breeders and owners dedicated to the recognition, promotion, breeding and preservation of the Belgian Warmblood in North America. BWP/NAD is a fully recognized district of Belgium and serves as the sole administrating office for promotion and breeding practices in North America.

In 1988, the North American District hosted the first official Keuring Tour for the inspection of breeding stock in the United States by Belgian Judges. Since then, the annual event has grown to encompass more than two dozen Keuring inspection sites throughout the continental US and Canada each year. These Keurings serve to guarantee the continued quality and success of BWP horses bred in North America.

Only top quality horses are admitted to the registry through the visual inspection and evaluation of stallions, mares and foals. Using the same stringent judging criteria from inspections in Belgium, the Belgian Jury looks for modern horses that have correct conformation for soundness, athletic potential for the Olympic disciplines, proven bloodlines for performance, good temperament for ridability,  and above all, the potential to pass these traits on to their offspring. As a result, this selectivity ensures that buyers, riders, and breeders of BelgianWarmbloods are getting the highest quality horse possible.

BWP/NAD fosters a unique relationship with our European counterpart in that all passports and papers are still generated by Belgium. The registry follows the rules and guidelines of Belgium for breeding, judging criteria and registration. All of the NAD Stallions that are approved in North America are fully approved and recognized in Europe. This reciprocity sets the BWP/NAD apart from other breed registries.


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