2021 Foal Registration

For 2021 we are offering foal registration without inspection. Please use the following form to submit your foal registration, each foal will need their own individual registration.

Foal registration for 2021 is $350, addl. $175 for foals by non-BWP approved stallions, due at time of registration, and $50 for inspection which will be due upon registering for a Keuring. Please contact info@belgianwarmblood.com if you are unsure if the sire of your foal is a current licensed BWP or BWP/NAD stallion.

A current Breeding Membership is required for horse registration, you can sign up for membership at the bottom of the form.

Please complete the form below and upload photos of the front, back, left and right side of the horse, these are required and can be submitted through this form. A Whorl Sheet (DOWNLOAD FORM HERE) should be filled out as well and submitted via upload as well as a Declaration of Birth, Stallion Certificate, or Frozen Semen Bill of Sale which should be provided by the Stallion Owner/Broker. Declaration of Birth can be found here:Β Foal Registration Packet.

A DNA Kit from UC Davis will be sent out once payment and registration has been received by BWP/NAD, instructions for completing and returning the DNA kit will be included.


Owner Information

Enter your name as you wish it to appear on registration papers and passport.
Enter your name as you wish it to appear on registration papers and passport.
Please enter the email you would like us to use for communication.
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
State or Region
Please enter the address where you would like papers and passport to be sent.

Horse Information

Foal name must start with a "U" for 2020. Yearlings born in 2019 "T", 2yo born in 2018 "S".

For foals born in 2021, their name must start with a "V". This will be their official registered name with the BWP.

Please enter the full name of breeder of foal, either an individual or business name as directed by breeder.
Was this foal conceived via Embryo Transfer or ICSI?

*Examples: Black, Bay, Brown, Chestnut, Liver Chestnut, Grey, or Pinto/Piebald/Skewbald.

Fill in a description of foal's markings, four sided photos to accompany registration.
If applicable, please enter a microchip number for foal. Microchips can be added after registration, however they are required for lifetime USEF registration.

Please upload four views of horse: front, back, left and right sides. Photos must be clear and show all markings, including hooves and ermine spots. High resolution photos preferred and in .jpg format. Photos of poor quality will be rejected. Please upload a copy of the Whorl Sheet (download link at top of page) and the Stallion Certificate provided by the Stallion Owner.

Please upload an image of front of foal
Please upload a photo of the back of foal
Please upload a photo of the left side of foal
Please upload a photo of the right side of foal
Upload your scanned Whorl Sheet here.
Upload your Declaration of Birth for the foal.
Please upload a scanned copy of the stallion certificate or semen bill of sale provided by stallion owner/broker.

Membership and Registration

A current Breeding Membership is required for registration, please indicate which level of membership you need if you are not already a current Breeding Member.

Please enter your full legal name.

Submission may take a moment due to the size of images uploaded to our server. Please do not close the window while this process is taking place, you will automatically be redirected to PayPal.