Please use the forms below to register for the 2023 Keuring Tour. Each horse is required to have their own registration submitted before their specific Keuring date. Keuring Registrations submitted after the August 17 start of the Tour or onsite will incur a $50.00 late fee. Each form requires contact information, horse information, Keuring site selection and class entry. You will be redirected to PayPal after each form is submitted for payment. BWP/NAD is not responsible for late fees incurred from declined or failed payments.

Foal Keuring Registration
This is for foals, yearlings and two-year old who need to be registered and entered into the foalbook.

Yearling & Two Old Keuring Entry ONLY
This is for BWP/NAD Yearlings and Two-Year Olds already in the foalbook.

Stallion, Mare & Gelding Registration/Entry
This form is for stallion approval, mare approval and geldings
(geldings over 2YO can only be presented for general evaluation and free jumping).