Beginning in 2010, foals born from BWP/NAD Stallions donating to the BWP/NAD Stallion Service Auction (SSA) each year are eligible to participate in the Foal Futurity during the Keuring Each year a stallion donates to the SSA, their foals will be eligible to participate in the foal futurity at the annual Keuring held that same year. The payment pool will be at least $3,500 per year. For BWP Stallions who do not or can not contribute to the SSA, but would like for their offspring to participate in the annual Foal Futurity, there will be a nomination fee of $250.00 that must be paid prior to the start of each Keuring tour.

A designated amount of $75.00 will be submitted into the “futurity pool” for each participating stallion by the registry, and shall be used towards the Foal Futurity payout. Foals must be nominated at the time they are registered online for inspection with a nomination fee of $35 per foal. All nominated foal inspection scores will determine final placing.

The Payout Pool will consist of $75 per donating SSA stallion and any nomination fees. At the completion of the annual Keuring tour, payouts will be given to the top 5 placing fillies and top 5 placing colts of each year. All ties to be split equally.  The prize money will be split 25% to foal owner, 25% to breeder (50% if the same), and 50% to stallion owner.

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