Elite Mare, Werly Chin de Muze. (Nabab de Reve x Chin Chin x Parchat II), owned by Spy Coast Farm.

The BWP Elite mare program was adopted by NAD and implemented in 1999. To qualify for the Elite program and to obtain Elite status for a mare, the mare must receive a conformation (E) label, a veterinary (G) label, and a performance (P) label. Mares must also have produced at least one offspring (includes embryo transfer).

For the conformation “E-label”, the mare must be presented to the Belgian jury twice between 3 and 6 years of age. The mare must be recommended by the keuring jury for an E-label (exterior) both years. If the mare is not presented two times  between the ages of 3 and 6, she must have completed the rest of the Elite mare requirements before she may be presented for her E-label. If a mare is older then 7 years of age at the time of her BWP mare inspection for breeding and receives a score of 75 or higher, she may use her inspection score towards her E-Label for her Elite Mare Status once she has accomplished her performance and submitted sufficient radiographs.

For the veterinary label “G-Label”, the mare must submit to a thorough veterinary exam. This exam includes a physical exam, breeding soundness exam, and radiographs. The radiographs needed are of the fore feet, hocks, and stifles. The exam findings must be sent to the BWP/NAD Studbook Committee for evaluation.. If the physical exam, breeding exam, and radiographs are normal the G-label is awarded.

For the performance label, “P-Label”, a mare must complete 2 years worth of performance requirements at the same age/level as the stallions. There must be proof of the performance either as reported by USEF, USDF or signed reports from the individual show secretaries.

If all three labels are attained elite status will be granted after the mare produces a BWP registered foal.