Approved Obi-Wan B, 2014 BWP/NAD. Nabab de Reve x Jus de Pomme bred by Bannockburn Farm, LLC.

Stallions registered in BWP recognized European Warmblood foalbooks are eligible for inspection by the BWP. They must be three years old or older, by approved Stallions from a BWP recognized European Warmblood association, and out of main studbook dams. The stallion’s sire and dam do not have to be of the same “breed”, but must be of proven competition bloodlines. Prior to being presented, the pedigree must be sent to the BWP/NAD Studbook Committee and Belgium for approval of bloodlines. The pedigree must contain four full generations.

Stallions must also undergo a veterinary examination. The veterinary examination is to include a semen analysis, EVA test, Endoscopic  Laryngeal exam and radiographs of the fore feet (regular and navicular series), fore fetlocks, carpal joints, rear fetlocks, hocks and stifles. This examination must show the stallion to be free of heritable diseases (example OCD, navicular, etc.). Report of findings and radiographs must be submitted to the BWP/NAD Studbook Committee before the stallion is permitted to be presented for approval.

Radiograph Guidelines are as follows:

Radiographs to be included with report must be marked with date, clinic name, horses name and BWP/UELN number (when available) and must be labeled Right or Left.
  • Fore feet:  Dorsoplantar at 55 and 65 degrees with no shoes and Lateromedial (fetlock included)
  • Carpal joints: Lateromedial
    Dorsopalmar Both obliques all carpal views STALLIONS ONLY
  • Femoropatellar: Lateromedial
    Dorsoplantar view for STALLIONS ONLY
  • Tarsal joints: Lateromedial
    Dorsopalmar view for STALLIONS ONLY

The ideal size for a stallion is 165 to 175 cm (see height conversion chart). If the quality of the gaits and conformation are sufficient, the stallions will be asked to free jump and/or be ridden undersaddle depending on the age of the stallion. Stallions 3yrs, will be asked to free jump only. Stallions 4yrs will be asked to free jump and be ridden undersaddle. Stallions 5yrs and older will be asked to be ridden and jumped under saddle.

Free jumping for stallions that have been selected for further evaluation consists of three fences, the first of which is a cavaletti. The distance between the first and second fence is approximately 6.4 – 6.5 meters and between the second and third fence is 7.0 – 7.2 meters. The stallion starts with three trial jumps whereby the last fence is raised to 70 cm, 90 cm and a 90 cm oxer consecutively. Afterwards the oxer is elevated to 1.1 meters and is jumped four times or at the discretion of the Belgian jury. The stallion is evaluated on jumping technique, willingness and ability.

Provisional approval is given to stallions meeting the stringent requirements of the BWP that have yet to complete performance requirements. Provisional approval is maintained for a period of four years or until the stallion completes performance requirements set by the BWP/NAD and approved by the BWP. The four year time period begins January 1st post provisional approval. The age level that the stallion is expected to compete in coincides with the actual birthdate of the stallion.

All Stallion forms can be found here.

Height Conversions (1 inch = 2.54cm)

15.0 hands 60 inches 152.40 cm
15.1 hands 61 inches 154.94 cm
15.2 hands 62 inches 157.48 cm
15.3 hands 63 inches 160.02 cm
16.0 hands 64 inches 162.56 cm
16.1 hands 65 inches 165.10 cm
16.2 hands 66 inches 167.64 cm
16.3 hands 67 inches 170.18 cm
17.0 hands 68 inches 172.72 cm
17.1 hands 69 inches 175.26 cm
17.2 hands 70 inches 177.80 cm
17.3 hands 71 inches 180.34 cm