All foals born within one calendar year are named with the same letter of the alphabet. The chart below indicates the letters corresponding to the correct years.

Once a foal is named the name cannot be changed on the passport. This is also true for mares (ex. Thoroughbreds) who are registered with BWP. The name that is on the original Jockey Club papers will be the name with which the mare is registered with the BWP.

2023 A 2024 B 2025 C 2026 D 2027 E 2028 F
2029 G 2030 H 2031 I 2032 J 2033 K 2034 L
2035 M 2036 N 2037 O 2038 P 2039 Q 2040 R
2041 S 2042 T 2043 U 2044 V 2045 W 2046 A

DNA Blood Typing

The Belgian Registry requires DNA testing on all foals, mares and stallions. This testing will be done through the BWP/NAD at the expense of the owner of said horse. Parentage verification is required if special arrangements have been made for the registration of yearlings, or for the registration of foals by outside stallions. All parentage verification is is included in the Foal Registration Fee tested through UC Davis.