2021 Keuring Tour Dates:
August 23 – September 11

Mare & Stallion Registration – Please bring original papers as well as one copy of the original papers for mare & stallion registration. The copy will be submitted to Belgium for registration. Once approved, the original papers will be stamped by the BWP. If presenting a Thoroughbred Mare, please bring a copy of her Jockey Club papers. Mares without papers, please contact for possible inclusion into the Auxiliary Book.

Foal & Yearling Registration – Please bring the original & signed Declaration of Birth to the Keuring site. If you have been approved to use a Non-BWP stallion, please bring a breeding certificate from the stallion owner. If Frozen semen has been purchased through a broker, a copy of the semen bill of sale & veterinary insemination report must be submitted.

Current Stallion Owners – Please submit your Report of Mares bred to the Registrar so their foals can be registered.

For any questions please contact

Thank you!

R Bespoke HM
(Bandelero JSF x Cassini I x Landlord)
Bred by Hickory Manor