In 2009, the BWP/NAD registry launched a Hunter Label program to recognize and encourage the breeding and showing of Hunters within the BWP/NAD.  This program was designed and implemented to meet the increased demand for Hunter Breeding Programs in North America.

The H-Label program is open to all BWP approved foals, mares, geldings and stallions. The divisions will be the same as what is currently used for BWP inspections, Fillies & Colts of the current year, Yearlings, 2 Yr olds, Mares 3yr-6yr, Mares 7yr+. Additional sections added; “Geldings & Stallions 3yr-6yr and Geldings and Stallions 7yr+” for the “H” Label only.

Participants first undergo their BWP inspection by the BWP Jury for approval and scores (if not previously inspected). At the conclusion of the BWP inspection, “H” Label participants will be scored based on Hunter conformation and Hunter movement criteria by a selected USEF Hunter Judge from the U.S.  This score will be in addition to the BWP keuring score. Each participant will receive a BWP/NAD Certificate with the “H” Label stamp and score and be officially placed in the BWP/NAD Hunter Book. The Hunter Book will comprise of all “H” Label BWP horses, their pedigree and Hunter score.

Scoring for the H-Label is as follows: 70-79pts receives Bronze, 80-89pts receives Silver, 90pts + receives Gold. Participants must score a minimum of 70 pts to receive their “H” Label.