The Belgian Riding Pony

“Oh Kaptain Underpants”
(FS Daily Hero x Woodrow Fieldmaster)
Owned by Stacia Purcell & Seafire Sporthorses
He was the first BRp homebred Approved Stallion in North America!

The Belgian Riding Pony is a Belgian registry that was formed over 20 years ago using an interbreed of the New Forest Pony lines, Welsh and Connemara riding ponies from Holland and Germany as well as Thoroughbred mix. The Belgian breeders look for the best performing mares and stallions abroad to set up their own “stut” or breeding program.

There are two kids of labels, Sport and Breeding labels. This pony can be one of two sizes. The “small” pony is meant as a “toy” pony with a fantastic character and able to compete with a very young rider. The “large” pony measures 1.47m and is what they consider the “sport” pony. The BRp is gifted with exemplary character and found in all branches of youth riding sport.

The BWP/NAD now inspects pony candidates that meet the above criteria to be placed in the BRp registry. Belgian & U.S. approved BRp Stallions as well as approved German Riding Pony Stallions in the US are approved for breeding to BRp approved mares.

BRp ponies approved in North America can be inspected and during the keuring tour and branded with the BRp brand.

Only foals from approved BRp pony mares by BRp acceptable pony stallions will be allowed for BRp registration in North America. Currently there are 4,500 registered BRp in Belgium, 2,000 approved mares, 250 foals each year and 25 BRp stallions in the studbook. For more information about the BRp, contact the BWP Studbook Committee or

Naming BRp Foals

All foals born within one calendar year are named with the same letter of the alphabet.
The chart below indicates the letters corresponding to the correct years.

Note that the BRp Foal Naming Chart is different from the BWP Foal Naming Chart.

2008 M 2009 N 2010 O 2011 P 2012 Q 2013 R 2014 S
2015 T 2016 U 2017 V 2018 W 2019 A 2020 B 2021 C
2022 D 2023 E 2024 F 2025 G 2026 H 2027 I 2028 J
2029 K 2030 L