Mares approved for breeding by the BWP are entered into one of two studbooks. The Main Studbook is for select registered mares of a recognized sport horse breed, including, but not limited to most other Europe Studbooks recognized by the WBFSH, Thoroughbreds and Arabs. The B Registry is for other select mares of  unverifiable pedigree that are acceptable and pass inspection by the Belgian jury. All mares must be over 15.1 hands to be eligible for inspection and inclusion into either book.

In May of 2010, the BWP/NAD Board of Directors recommended and voted in favor of the following revised guidelines for B Registry mare candidates:

  1. Mares without papers must have proof of either performance through a national federation i.e., USEF, USDF, FEI and/or Thoroughbred tattoo or recognized brand.
  2. DNA must be obtained and evaluated at UC Davis for markers to be evaluated for Quarter Horse and Draft blood, which will exclude candidates from the B Registry book.
  3. DNA markers can also be evaluated for specific bloodlines to allow mares entry into the Main Mare book.  If a mare has a registered name, owners may be able to research through FEI or other means to match to dam and sire. Owners can appeal to BWP to accept researched parentage and DNA information for acceptance into Main Mare book

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Mares are judged in hand and are evaluated on their movement, elasticity, conformation, and general impression. They are judged on the triangle at the walk and trot.

Mares may be presented while in foal or after foaling. It is advisable, but not required, that mares be presented prior to breeding to an approved stallion. It is the mare owner’s responsibility to determine the approval status of any Belgian Warmblood stallion to which they choose to breed. Any mare producing consistently unacceptable foals may have her breeding status rescinded.