Transfer of Ownership

Older horses, some mares, and some stallions have the old style of BWP paperwork. These papers are white and green with black print. On the back of these papers is a block for the new owner to fill out their information and for the seller to sign. These papers can only be transferred if the seller signs them. Once these papers are signed they should be sent to the Registrar of BWP/NAD with a bill of sale and the appropriate fee for a transfer. Foals of 1996 have papers that are designed to fit inside passports. These papers are pink. There is not a place on these papers for a transfer. These papers must be sent to the Registrar of BWP/NAD with a bill of sale signed by the seller of the horse and the appropriate fee.

Locate the Transfer of Ownership page in your horse’s passport. The date (day/month/year) belongs in the first column, the new owners name belongs in the second column, the new owners address belongs in the third column, the new owners nationality belongs in the fourth column, and the new owners signature belongs in the fifth column. The seller’s signature MUST be in the sixth column. Then the papers and a bill of sale should be sent to the Registrar of the BWP/NAD with the appropriate fee for official transfer. Contact

Recording Imported BWP Horses

If a BWP mare, stallion or gelding is imported it is necessary to record the horse with the BWP/NAD. If the mare is already approved for breeding it is not necessary to re-present the mare. If a stallion is approved for breeding in Belgium by the Belgian Stallion Selection, it is necessary to make sure that the horse is still in good standing, pay yearly BWP/NAD stallion dues, and to re-present the horse to maintain his BWP/NAD breeding license. Recording BWP horses is done by following the paper transfer procedures. Contact

Duplicate Papers

Duplicate papers may only be requested by the owner who is recorded with BWP. When duplicate papers are requested there will be an inquiry into how the papers were lost and it is possible that parentage verification is required for the horse in question. When duplicates are requested a fee (listed in the schedule of fees) must be paid. BWP will then conduct an investigation as to whether duplicates will be issued. The fee is not refunded even if there is a negative outcome to their investigation. Great care must be taken not to lose papers because the loss of papers is not taken lightly. This helps insure against fraud within the BWP. For duplicate hair samples with roots (30) for DNA-testing, as well as photos of the horse and a graphical and written description made by a veterinarian are needed. Contact